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eComm Platforms: Sony / Google

Larry On Brand
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eComm Platforms: Sony / Google

Both of these projects involved massive teams, both at Odopod and at our client partners at Sony; and then Google.

In both cases, I was focused on the question: How can we help people shop with marketing content that assists without getting in the way.

For Sony, we were building a new, responsive store that needed to last a long time.

We focused on developing re-usable storytelling patterns: some universal across products and some specific to product verticals, that would work in the then-new medium of responsive web design.

(Later, we got the chance to put the system through its paces by developing actual content on the platform. it was a great education in theory vs practice, with a few strong patterns holding up and many others falling down).

For Google's first online store, we pushed further – we had started to understand that mobile wasn't just about screen size and orientation, but about new interactions, that made it possible to "smush" ecommerce and marketing storytelling closer together. Based on what we'd learned from Sony, we created fewer, more fundamental patterns that relied more on actual great content and assets to work.

The chance to think about how people consume stories, then figuring out how to abstract that out to patterns, then getting the chance to come full circle by creating content that had to fit in those patterns was an invaluable education that shaped my thinking about content+product work.

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