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Creativity, Remote: Part 2

Larry On Brand
1 min read

Continuing the previous post

More barriers to Creativity in a remote/hybrid workplace. (Solutions coming...but first, more pain.)


To get to good ideas and great ideas, you have to be able to share bad ideas and terrible ideas.

The channels where remote happens – slack, drive, etc are often "on the record." There's a permanence to them. And it's painful to say something potentially dumb, next to your profile picture, on the record. Maybe better not to say anything.

Or worse. Maybe better to hang back and let other people say something, then point out why their idea doesn't work, hard to execute, bad for the business. A Creativity Crusher,  a lesson on Main not to share ideas. (Yes, this happens in real rooms too.)


Remote brings together different people on the team, each with different responsibilities, switching channels, on different projects and workstreams, interrupted by meetings... it can be hard to get traction.

Projects often "live" in many different places:  figma, slack channel, files on Drive – no central source of truth. It can lead to kind of ethereal floaty feeling. Making it hard to gauge progress.

Creative endeavors tend to have a kind of non-linear pace to them. Periods of slow thinking, fast iteration, new insights, painful pivots, epic breakthroughs, quiet slow building, loud fast building. Remote can make it hard to "feel the road."

Ok maybe that's enough barriers.

Next I want to switch gears and talk about the new and amazing possibilities of creativity, remote. Post to come.