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Brand Lives in Channels

Larry On Brand
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Brand Lives in Channels

Brand is built in the channels where your business operates. Seems obvious, but so much brand identity work focuses on defining a monolithic, sacred brand – then shows a few expressions in channels as a tacked on exercise.

Instead, brand identity should focus on expressions in those channels—while establishing a foundation that can scale as goals, audiences and thus, channels change.

A new brand is established in the channels where it interacts with its audience the most. That's the first, establishing impression.

A SaaS brand might be established in content marketing, then a sign up page and the product itself

A DTC clothing brand might be established on Instagram and via PR, then ecommerce and email

So if you're creating a brand, 3 questions matter:

1- Who are your customers/audiences

2- Which channels are you going to interact with them in first/most.

3 - How might you deliver a distinct brand in those channels, in the vocabulary of those channels.

Then, over time, moving the brand into new channels. This exercise should feel additive and expansive, not reductive or limiting. More facets of the brand to discover.

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