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Branding SaaS: VectorCare / Temporal

Larry On Brand
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Branding SaaS: VectorCare / Temporal

VectorCare is a startup building software that helps care teams in hospitals coordinate around moving patients, caregivers and life-saving equipment. They came to Wild Shore for a new brand strategy and identity.

In talking to the team, and understanding their customers and the industry, we saw a chance elevate them above the category of care coordination and transport scheduling.

This team didn't want to compete—they wanted to create a new category, which we named Patient-Care Logistics.

We gave them a powerful purpose: to move patients back to the center of care, by building powerful collaborative software that arrays a care team around the patient.

From there, it was about bringing these ideas to life in brand identity. A gradient told the story of collaboration. The logo as a sequence of points arrayed around a center. Giving them a strong difference to stand out—and lead a new category.



Temporal is an open source microservices orchestration platform for running mission critical code at scale. Translated for lay-person, it helps developers build software that won't fail.

Early on, we talked about the stress and pain that developers feel depending on services that are unreliable.

What would the absence of that be? Calm. Zen. Flow.

We also had a lot of conversations about Sci-fi. The force shields on Star Trek vs those in Star Wars, absorbing energy. Grant Morrison's particular take on Superman – an invincible man, who can't be harmed, exuding chill.

What if the brand could make developers feel that way?

Brand delivers messages. That's the comms half of brand. But brand also delivers feelings. That's where you create a connection with your audience.

This manifested in tagline, in the planetary, zen world we developed for the visual brand, in the logo, an abstraction of a force field.

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