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Creative platforms: American Giant / Frank & Eileen

Larry On Brand
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Creative platforms: American Giant / Frank & Eileen

American Giant

American Giant had already accomplished amazing things, being called The Greatest hoodie ever made. but what next for the brand? how could it be bigger than it's most popular product?. We worked with founder Bayard Winthrop to understand the ideas to bring new energy to it.

It became clear that the brand had a single greatest asset: a true story. It's all-USA supply chain, community, and undeniable quality of the finished product.

Guided by this, we developed a creative platform grounded in reality: Made For Life's Work. it's about staying true to your pursuit, and making things better by making better things– creating shared values between the company and the audience.

The platform drove communications, content, a new ambassador program, in-store design for new retail stores, interesting partnerships and more. A strong creative platform drives efficiencies – every new program is not starting from scratch – and flexibility: the platform can be interpreted against different channels and audiences.

Frank & Eileen

Find the soul, picture the future

How does a storied luxury brand reinvent itself for today–a shift that's not just about digital but about a changed culture?

That's the question that founder Audrey McLoghlin came to us with. The tools she'd relied on in the past: exclusivity, mystery, high production value – simply didn't resonate anymore. And her own aspirations for the brand were changing too: she wanted to open it up, make it more communal, more supportive of women, more sustainable.

In our conversations, she talked about an unformed idea she had - the House of Frank and Eileen. We saw that this could be our creative platform, grabbed it and ran with it. Then we developed the House, showing how it could play out across eComm, programs, product—and be the foundation for the future of the brand.

In both cases, for two very different brands: the work of extracting the vision of a founder, translating it to the culture, and visualizing it to guide execution is one of the most fascinating and satisfying to me.

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